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Monday, May 21, 2018

My Makeup Routine!

Happy Sunday y’all! As promised, I’m going to begin blogging every week, so this week’s post is about my makeup routine!
 As a freshman in college I wore an elaborate makeup routine all the time. Now, I typically only wear makeup to church on Sunday’s or if I have some kind of event, like a wedding or concert. I also did a complete makeup overhaul where I got rid of a vast majority of my makeup and only kept the most essential, natural-looking product (all my makeup is what's shown in the picture above!), which has worked for me very well! Doing so has allowed me to simplify my routine, further de-clutter my space, and has helped me to embrace a more natural looking version of myself.
     I qualify, I have very fair combination skin with TONS of freckles, mild acne (usually just get a couple of  spots) and redness on my cheeks. If you had oilier skin than I, this foundation routine may not work for you, as it may leave your skin a little too dewy. Without further ado, here’s my makeup routine!

I begin by using this it Cosmetics CC cream in fair. What I really love about this product is that it matches my skin very well, it has SPF 50, and it leaves me with a much more natural finish than a majority of foundations leave me with. I usually use about a pea sized amount and rub it into my skin with my fingertips (make sure you wash your hands first!) and it blends out very easily.

My next step is blush. I use a Milani drug store blush which compliments my fair skin very well.

Following my blush, I put on my eyeshadow. I normally just stick with the lightest color in the palette   (the shimmery baby pink) and sweep it across my lids to add a little bit sparkle and brighten up my eyes. This Lancome palette was a gift from one of my Sunday school teachers!

After putting on my eyeshadow, I put on a coat of mascara. I have been using this drugstore mascara for a few weeks and it's been treating me really well, however, keep in mind that this particular one is not waterproof (I did that purposely so it could just come off when I shower :P) so I don't recommend it for any teary-eyed moments or in the rain!

Once my mascara is finished, I then lightly pencil in my brows with my Neutrogena brow pencil in Soft Brown. The pros to this pencil: it's natural, the color is a really good match for me, and I love that it has a spoolie at the other end of the pencil. The cons of this pencil: I am not really a huge fan of brow pencils that I have to sharpen, I usually prefer the twist-y ones, but it's simply a preference of mine. I line my brows using hair-like strokes, focusing a majority of my effort on the bottom of my brow and around the arches, where I have some patchiness.

The last step: Lips! I normally don't wear lipstick, I just stick with my very favorite Neutrogena tinted lip balms. They add a nice, natural looking color and are incredibly hydrating for my lips. If I do decide to wear lipstick, however, I use the lipsticks from the new Burt's Bees line (they can be found Walmart!) for a little extra color. I will warn you, however, I don't feel that the color you see on the bottom of the lipstick tube is true to the color of the lipstick for this line- so swatch before you buy if you're on the fence about how a color looks on you.

That's it ladies! My makeup routine is incredibly simple and normally does not take me more than 5-7 minutes to do. I really hope you enjoyed learning about what I do in my makeup routine!
What's y'alls essential beauty product that you just can't live without?

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