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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Post #5: Keeping Up With Me

Hi there! While it may seem that I've taken I hiatus from blogging,  I've actually had the blog on my mind a lot. I've just been very busy with things like final AP testing, senior events, and finishing up everything on time so I can graduate :)

I'm so excited to move up to St. Augustine in July. I've always loved it up there; it's so peaceful and the slower pace of life is so nice to me. Being from Miami, I've grown up around hustle, bustle, and lots of action, so I think I'm ready to go somewhere that's more laid-back and has a small town feel.

Here's a few things I've worn in the past couple weeks for y'all to enjoy and get inspired by!

Skirt: Forever 21, $7
Tunic/Top: Gift from Hollister from yeaaaars ago
Tank: Forever 21, $1.90
Sandals: Charming Charlie, $19

Dress: Macy's, $20?
Tank: Forever 21, $1.90
Boots: Ferrini, $250

How have y'all been these past couple weeks? 

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