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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Post #4: FAQ and My trip to Atlanta!

Hiya! This weekend, I had the privilege of celebrating my cousin James's first birthday! We went to Atlanta to see him and my cousins, which I haven't seen in quite a long time. 

On this post I will be addressing both some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I get from people all the time, as well as sharing some pictures from the birthday party this weekend!

1. Why do you cover your head during church?

A: Well the primary reason I cover my head during church is from 1 Corinthians 13, which tells women that they should cover their head during public worship. A great resource if you want to learn more about that is the organization TheHeadCoveringMovement, which explains the rationale behind it really well.

2. Why do you wear skirts? Do you consider jeans to be immodest?

A: I wear skirts all the time because I feel that it is my duty as a woman that lives to fulfill Christ's word to dress femininely. God created men and women to have different anatomies, and while both are beautiful, women need to cover up differently as a result of that. Skirts allow a woman to conceal areas of her body that may tempt a man, particularly her rear, where pants normally don't give us that same luxury. Since we are called upon to not tempt our brothers, this is extremely important.
We are also to be set apart from man in our style of dress (Deuteronomy 22:5), so I believe that wearing a skirt accomplishes this. 
I'll actually be giving a detailed post about skirt wearing in the future, but these are the basics. 

3. What are your wardrobe basics?
My wardrobe basics definitely would be something that is functional, easy to wear, but pretty at the same time. My basics would be as follows:
1. Short/long denim skirts 
2. My solid black maxi
3. Simple cotton tees
4. Scarves (and lots of them)
5. My denim jacket (since it goes with everything)
6. Nude ballet flats
7. Jack Rogers Sandals

These clothes I feel I could wear with just about anything on any given occasion and not look like a total mess, lol. 

4. What 5 minute makeup routine do you recommend?

A: Personally, unless I'm going somewhere fancy, I do a super easy makeup routine every morning.
I start of with some tinted moisturizer or BB cream (Smashbox or Bobbi Brown are two favorites of mine) in order to give me a little coverage, but not necessarily the heavy coverage of a foundation. Then I apply mascara, followed by filling in my eyebrows a little bit. Finally I apply a really pale blush I have by ELF, and finish off with some clear lipgloss. 
This routine is really easy and doesn't take a lot of time, but still gives a really nice polished look. 

Now to the part-ayyy!

The party was simple, but nonetheless adorable, and had a "Curious George" theme to it. I delighted in taking care of my younger cousins Rosie (age 5), James (age 1) and Kat (age 9) while people conversed and ate. 

My outfit for the party: 
Dress Mikarose, $10
Boots: Goodwill, $6

The little birthday boy and I!

I love my baby cousin Rosie. She's the cutest thing; the entire time I was there she followed me around with her family's iPad and asked me to help her make virtual cupcakes. 

That was my weekend and some FAQs! 
Did y'all enjoy your weekend? How would you answer those questions differently?

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