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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Post #2: Where Did I Get My Modesty Standards?

Hey y'all! Has everybody had a blessed week?
In my previous post, I discussed why modesty was essential to Christian faith, and I also said that I'd enlighten you on what my modesty standards were, and how I was convicted of them.

Here's that lovely post I promised y'all about it :)

My journey with modesty began in when I was about 15, and I was convicted by the Lord to begin modest dressing. He placed it on me, and after I was given the idea, I couldn't put it down. My primary thought was: "where do I start?"

The first component that helped me in my journey to modesty was prayer, prayer, and more prayer. I began asking God to make clear to my heart what I needed my modesty standards to be, to help me understand the importance of modesty, as well as to help me find modest clothing that I could be proud of and felt beautiful in.

I also began searching for blogs that addressed the topic of modesty. The first (and still to this day my favorite) blog that I fell in love with was Fresh Modesty, a blog run by a young woman named Olivia Howard that lives in rural Tennessee and has a love for modest dressing.
She's not only the one that really ignited the flame in my heart for dressing modestly, but also the first person that I felt understood my desire (and my struggle) to cover up as well. She help me build the framework for what my standards of modesty are today.
I began to look for other blogs to inspire me, (TheModestMomBlog and Modern1Modesty, just to name a two) and quickly realized what modesty looked like. I realized that modesty does not have to be frumpy, unattractive, or boring, just as many believe that it is, it can actually be very beautiful, feminine, and stylish (not to mention affordable) if you find the right places to shop, figure out what areas of your body need the most covering,  and discover what silhouettes are flattering yet still modest for your body.
A huge component of modesty is realizing that what may be modest and flattering on one body may not be on another body. For example, a woman with a smaller bust may wear a shirt that seems modest on her body, but a larger bust may not be able to get away with it since it will appear too tight or revealing. However, do not fret! That is perfectly ok. God made us all beautiful and in His image, (Psalm 139:14) and all body types have the potential to dress modestly and beautifully as well. <3

My modesty standards have changed a bit since I began dressing modestly.
At first, I worked with what my wardrobe was at the time, so I allowed myself to wear pants (knee length or longer) and more conservative tops. As I got older, my body changed and I was able to expand my wardrobe, so I changed my modesty standards.
My current modesty standards are as follows: I only wear skirts or dresses, and they must be knee length or longer. My shirts must fully cover my bust (4 finger-lengths from the bottom of my collarbone or less) as well as my shoulders. I don't wear anything too form-fitting either, so no super tight pencil skirts or super tight shirts. The same rules apply for swimwear and workout gear in general. 
Now I realize that not everybody's modesty standards are going to be the same, since the Lord convicts us all differently. Some may wear pants, or have different opinions on the length of their skirts, and that's ok! These are just my personal convictions and what I've decided I need to wear in order to look modest because of the shape of my body. :)

That's how I started dressing modestly, as well as my personal convictions.
I'll be doing a post in the next few days about the book of Romans, as well as my favorite outfit from this past week :)
What are your personal standards, and how were you convicted of them?


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