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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Post #1: First Blog Post!

Hey y'all! Welcome to my blog, Prim Proverbs Princess.
This blog is an extension of an area of my life that I consider of the upmost importance: Modesty.

Modesty is a value that has been lost in our modern day society. Clothing brands regularly make clothing that reveals every asset of a woman's body - short-shorts, strapless tops, and tight, revealing, mini skirts - just to name a few. This clothing does not properly give a women's body the dignity and respect it deserves, and it leads our fellow brothers of Christ to sin.

In  1 Corinthians 16-17, God clearly tells us that our bodies our sacred,
"Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?" and that we must protect our temple at all costs. One of the measures we should take as women of faith in order to properly protect our beautiful, scared bodies is dressing modestly! Modest dressing shows the world that we mean business, and that we take protecting our bodies very seriously. 

In Romans 14, God distinctly gives us another message: We shall not allow each other to stumble!
Whenever we dress immodestly (teeny-tight tops, skin tight pants, etc.) we become a stumbling block for God-fearing men, and tempt them to sin. However, whenever women dress modestly, we help them keep a pure, clear mind and allow them to further their relationship with our Savior. 

And now, the bible passage that led me to start this wonderful blog: Proverbs 31.
In Proverbs 31, we are given this beautiful piece of advice by King Lemeul about the qualities of a Godly woman and wife:

"She dresses herself with strength
    and makes her arms strong."

In this verse, he tells us that Godly women dress with strength. What a powerful thing to say about a woman!
Dressing modestly requires strength, it is certainly not something that's easy. It requires us to resist the temptations of "fitting in" or "being trendy" by wearing immodest clothing. It requires us to keep our heads high and our convictions strong, even when the world does not agree with us. It requires us to be steadfast in faith, because there will be days when walking out of the house in sweatpants and a tank top would be so much easier than having to put on a skirt and find a modest shirt to wear. And finally, it requires quite a bit of creativity, because some items that are not normally modest could easily become modest with a little bit of layering and tweaking.
Modesty is a dying value that we as sisters in Christ must preserve, for the benefit of others and ourselves. It is a small sacrifice we must make in comparison to the one our Savior made for us on the cross.

Courtesy of: christiansdressingmodestly.com

In this blog, I will be sharing with you a variety of things: How to dress modestly, as well as various topics that are interesting to Christian women, from relationships, to detailed examinations of bible study/sermon notes, to sewing, knitting, and crafts in general, and everything in between :)

On my next blog post later this week, I will be sharing my personal standards of modesty and how I was convicted of them!

I hope y'all have a lovely next couple of days! Tell me, what are your reasons behind modest dressing?

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